The Emerging Markets Club is comprised of current and future leaders committed to economic growth using innovative and competitive management strategies, methods, and tools. We draw our inspiration from the likes of Mohammed Yunus of the Grameen Bank, C.K. Prahalad who coined the term "Base of the Pyramid" and, along with Stuart L. Hart, pioneered a new direction for companies such as S.C. Johnson, BP, DuPont, Unilever, ICICI Bank, and more.

With the strength of our membership and the resources available, we seek to educate, equip, and send Ross students into emerging markets with the ability to evoke positive change. Furthermore, it is our aim to make Ross the premier business school in the world addressing the most critical issues facing emerging economies today.


Emerging markets are regions in which "politics matters at least as much as economics" to the market. For us, at the Ross School of Business, emerging markets are primarily international, and include transition economies such as China, India, Brazil, etc.  While we, as an organization, understand the importance of considering domestic markets as potentially "emerging", our membership is primarily focused on these global centers of future commerce.

EMC would also like to give special thanks to Professor Ted London, who serves as our faculty advisor.

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