Welcome to the General Management Club

The General Management club caters to students interested in pursuing career paths that are cross-functional in nature and that typically lead to general management positions. The club's focus is on entry points for general management internships and positions immediately after business school, rather than on the future general management positions. This typically includes but is not limited to leadership rotational programs that provide for an accelerated career growth in an organization. Additionally, we also focus on Internal Strategy and Business Development roles.

The mission of the General Management Club is two-fold. First, the club fosters interaction between Ross MBAs and companies that are seeking talented students. Secondly, the club prepares its members for recruitment through educational and networking events.

Join Us!

Membership dues are as follows:

$30 1 Year

$50 2 Years

$60 3 Years

Sign up here: https://ross.campusgroups.com/club_signup.aspx