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Marketing Club - MBA

Reputation of Excellence
Ross students have a strong reputation for being collaborative, dependable, self-motivated and fun. We consistently succeed on-the-job and recruiters are increasingly interested in recruiting Ross MBAs! 

The Ross School of Business is frequently acknowledged in recruiter rankings as the #1 MBA program in the United States and in top publications as one of the top business schools for Marketing. As a result, Ross attracts world-class marketing companies across numerous industries, giving our students an edge during recruiting for internships and full-time positions.

The Marketing Club at Ross maintains close relationships with recruiters at these companies and organizes events throughout the year for our members to develop relationships and evaluate their fit with companies. Listed below are companies that have recently recruited Ross students for marketing positions. If you would like to pursue other companies based on your industry, function, or geography of preference, the Marketing Club at Ross and other industry-specific clubs have resources that are available to help assist with a self-directed career search.

Companies that Recruit at Ross for Marketing
Marketing Club - MBA