Marketing Panels


Panel 1: Marketing Green to an Uninformed and Skeptical Public


According to the California Academy of Sciences, the majority of the U.S. public is unable to pass even a basic scientific literacy test. The National Science Foundation reports that two-thirds of Americans do not clearly understand the scientific process. To a large degree, the American public is scientifically illiterate. Add to that a growing skepticism of green claims in the marketplace. With this as a backdrop, how do company's market their sustainable products and services? How do they avoid being accused of greenwashing? And what do they do if they see their competitors greenwashing? These are just some of the challenges of adding sustainability to the list of attributes that are used to sell in today's marketplace. Our panelists will discuss the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities of green marketing.



Panel 2: The Growing Impact of the Hispanic Consumer


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Hispanics currently account for 17% of the U.S. population. This share is expected to reach 31% by 2060. As the cumulative buying power of the U.S. Hispanic consumer increases, how can marketers ensure that they are effectively reaching this demographic? This panel will discuss the impact Hispanic consumers have on products and services, and how companies are changing their approach to market to Hispanic consumers.