Funding Requests:

Step 1: Review this flowchart for an overview of the SGA funding process.

Step 2: Read the SGA funding policy very carefully.

Step 3: Use this application form to apply for funding from

Step 4: If your request is approved, please fill out and submit a reimbursement form after the expenses have been incurred. 

DO NOT SUBMIT for reimbursement without prior SGA approval of a funding request (see Steps 1 to 3).

Have questions about SGA funding? E-mail Aswin Saravanan, SGA VP of Finance.

Non-SGA Funding Sources:

Club Re-Recognition:

You can re-register your group through MaizePages (Central Student Government's system for all UM Clubs) between April 15 and September 30, 2015.  In order to re-register the group, you need to be listed in MaizePages as President of the group.   To re-register through MaizePages, go here.  Log in, then search for your group and you should see a link to "Register this Organization".  As President of the group, you will be made the primary contact as well as one of the three authorized signers.  You will get an email confirming your approval and within that will be a link prompting you to add additional students as authorized signers on the SOAS account. 

MaizePages Recognition (Necessary to remain as a UM Club)
• SOAS account to access your club funds 
• Ability to reserve/rent University facilities
• Apply for funding through Central Student Government
• Receive discounted rates with preferred vendors using your SOAS account
• Listing of your club on MaizePages website

Please use this form to apply for club re-recognition with SGA.  The benefits you receive after your club has been re-recognized with SGA include:

SGA Recognition (Necessary to remain as a Ross-approved club)
• Apply for funding through Ross' SGA
• Reserve rooms at Ross
• Access to posting events on electronic posters/plasma screens and/or My iMpact bulletin board
• Send club emails to the student body

• Listing of your club on Ross' website and in the newly admitted students binder
• Access to eCampusGroups, a club management system
• Invitation to "Meet the Clubs" in September

New Club Recognition:

Please use this form to apply to become a new SGA recognized club. 

Have questions about club recognition? Email Ankur Modi (, SGA's Interim VP of Clubs.