Canadians and Friends at Ross

Keshav Lalit Chaudhary MBA Full-time 2020 Prime Minister
See me Role, they hate

Keshav (pronounced K’shove) has spent the last 10 years of his life in T-Dot and loved every moment of it. Keshav did his undergrad at University of Toronto and worked in a small town called Pickering before coming to Ross. Besides listening to Classified and sipping the double double, Keshav loves to visit the Jurassic Park to watch the Toronto Raptors. Reach out to Keshav if you are down to have a round of poutine (and also if you have any questions on life at Ross, or life in Canada as a 1st gen. Canadian).
Michael Le MBA Full-time 2021 Prime Minister
Michael has spent his whole life in the Toronto area, including attending the University of Toronto and working in and around the city. As a proud Erber he has already one year in Michigan so far, enjoying collegiate life and living in a smaller city for once. He has especially enjoyed collegiate sports and is proud to own all three seasons passes for both his years at Michigan so far. Feel free to ask about life at Michigan, Erb and Sustainability, navigating the dual degree experience as an international student, or anything else!
Sneha Miglani Weekend MBA 2020 Deputy Prime Minister
Sneha (pronounced Snay-ha) hails from your friendly neighborhood across the Detroit river, Windsor. She grew up in New Delhi, India and is a relatively new Canadian. But you can tell by her generous use of “eh” and sorry (soary) that she has quickly Canadianized herself. She is a big fan of Timbits, poutine (Frenchy’s in Windsor is a must-try) and bear claws! If you ever want to check out the food and bar scene in Windsor, Sneha will graciously host you to the best shawarma shacks and introduce you to Canadian Rye Whisky.