Election timeline

February 7th: platform submission opens

February 12th by noon: platform submission due

February 13th: Election form opens up to BBA students

February 17th: Election form closes and winners notified shortly thereafter

Transition period: New members invited to attend e-board meetings

April 17th: Official transition between old & new e-boards

BBA President Duties

  1. Chair all BBA Council meetings
  2. Serve on Boards and Committees within the Business School and the University of Michigan
  3. Meet and communicate with students organizations and administration
  4. Work closely with Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Life
  5. Manage SOAS/Maize Pages for BBA Council
  6. Attend Central Student Government’s University Council as needed and maintain communication with elected Ross CSG Representatives
  7. Attend and potentially speak at class welcome back events in the fall
  8. Must be a senior who has served at least one year on council

VP of Operations Duties

  1. Create weekly Executive Board agendas
  2. Maintain BBA Council internal calendar
  3. Ensure the smooth operations of the BBA Council by working with the Executive Board to plan events
  4. Manage room reservations for meetings and events planned by BBA Council members
  5. Oversee and coach Junior Representatives

VP of Communications duties

  1. Communicate BBA Council mission, goals, and ongoing activities to students, staff, and faculty
  2. Maintain website, social media channels, and Ross clubs calendar with BBA Council news and events, updates from administration, and relevant student topics
  3. Create and publish emails, digital flyers, and other marketing materials as necessary
  4. Maintain internal BBA Council communications
  5. Provide communication support to other Executive Board positions
  6. Oversee and coach Sophomore Representatives
  7. Be dope
  8. Cannot Travel Abroad!

VP of finance duties

  1. Keep accurate account of all money received and expended by the BBA Council
  2. Make expenditures with the advice, consent and approval of the Executive Board
  3. Develop the BBA Council budget with the advice and approval of the Executive Board at the beginning of each academic year
  4. Manage the process for BBA Student Club funding requests and disbursements
  5. Manage BBA Council financials by monitoring the SOAS account, budgeting, submitting reimbursements and tracking all money received and expended by the BBA Council
  6. Must be a senior who has served at least one year on council!

VP of clubs duties

  1. Build and manage good relationships with BBA clubs; helping them succeed in event planning, conference management, speaker engagement, and other club activities
  2. Oversee new club application review/approval process
  3. Manage club tracking and re-registration to ensure good standing
  4. Work with the BBA Program Office to conduct transition and training workshops for clubs
  5. Partner with the Office of Undergraduate Programs to help host club events such as Meet the Clubs and Club Round Tables

VP of leadership and ethics duties

  1. Recruit and maintain a roster of volunteers to serve on the preliminary investigation team for CVC cases
  2. Work closely with the BBA Council DEI Task Force to create programming and an inclusive environment for all students
  3. Oversee and coach First Year Representatives
  4. Cannot travel abroad!

VP of undergraduate engagements duties

  1. Lead planning for at least one official Ross wide community-building event per semester
  2. Lead planning for senior Final Year celebration events and form committee of BBAs to support planning efforts
  3. Plan 2-3 internal BBA Council community-building events per semester to help foster unity amongst members
  4. Plan the initial BBA Council fall team building for the new board
  5. Must be a senior who has served at least one year on council!

duties of First year, sophomore and junior representatives

  1. Internally select a Class Representative Leader by group consensus or majority vote, if necessary
    1. Selected Class Representative leader will attend board meetings every other week and serves as a liaison to the specific class
    2. Selected Class Representative leader will coordinate and direct class representative meetings and planning efforts, seeking advice from the Executive Board as necessary
  2. Meet every other week to plan community-building events for the class and talk about relevant issues
  3. Meet monthly with BBA council Advisor
  4. Plan at least one event for the specific class each semester
  5. Make in-class/groupme announcements to BBA students as necessary

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