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CBCF Leadership Opportunities in 2012-2013

Interested in taking a leadership position with CBCF for the 2012-2013 school year?  Take a look at the available positions below and fill out the application form.  The deadline to apply is Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 5:00pm. 

Please email any questions to carotian@umich.edu or the VP listed for each function.  Thanks!

Selection Criteria:

  • Ability to demonstrate understanding of the position
  • Passion for non-profit, and willingness to devote time to CBCF
  • Qualifications of the position

Board Positions:

    • Executive Vice President
    • Director of Marketing
    • Director of Fundraising
    • Director of Finance
    • Director of Communication
    • Director of Technology
    • Director of Legislation

 Executive Vice President

  • Description:

    The Executive Vice President will assist the President with all administrative issues and ensure smooth operations of the organization. The Executive Vice President will take primary responsibility for all fundraising and sponsorship.

Director of Marketing

  • Description: 

    The Director of Marketing is a key strategic decision maker in truthfully and effectively promoting CBCF among MBA communities through holding marketing events.

Director of Fundraising

  • Description:

    The Director of Fundraising is primarily responsible for soliciting and acquiring donations from corporations, alumni, non-alumni individuals, and other organizations.

Director of Finance

  • Description:

    The Director of Finance is primarily responsible for handling the organization's financial matters, including maintaining organization's bank account and ensuring proper handling of all donations, fund dispenses, and fund expenses.

Director of Communication

  • Description: 

            The Director of Communication is primarily responsible for soliciting new members and raise public awareness of CBCF.

Director of Technology

  • Description:

    The Director of Technology works with the other functions to develop and update content of the club's website and public web-based communications, and provide technical support as needed for club events.

Director of Legislation

  • Description:

    The Director of Legislation works with President to maintain CBCF's legal status as a registered non-profit organization in US and conduct annual club registration in SGA and Maize Pages.