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  • Community Consulting Club

    All-Ross Groups - Community service

    Website Mission Contact: Madison Jensen, Email group officers

    The Community Consulting Club (CCC) is one of the Ross School of Business most unique and popular student clubs. The CCC donates top-notch business experience to local non-profit institutions that otherwise would not be able to afford expert advice. The CCC requires students to put their business skills to work, even if they don't have prior consulting experience. The CCC matches current Ross students, both BBA and MBA, with local organizations in projects chosen during an application selection process to ensure the most useful combination of needs and capabilities for each project team.

    The CCC project application process for the summer session is pending

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    $40 (Member)
    Membership will end on 30 May 2021
  • Emerging Markets Club (EMC)

    All-Ross Groups - Career interests

    Website Mission Contact: Ellen Abrams, Kyle Jarrett, Email group officers

    Emerging markets are regions in which "politics matters at least as much as economics" to the market. For us, at the Ross School of Business, emerging markets are primarily international, and include transition economies such as China, India, Brazil, etc., but can include local domestic markets, such as that of the Detroit Metro Area. The Emerging Markets Club is comprised of current and future leaders committed to economic growth using innovative and competitive management strategies, methods, and tools. We draw our inspiration from the likes of Mohammed Yunus of the Grameen Bank, C.K. Prahalad who coined the term "Base of the Pyramid" and, along with Stuart L. Hart, pioneered a new direction for companies such as S.C. Johnson, BP, DuPont, Unilever, ICICI Bank, and more. Through our annual career trek to Washington DC and student-initiated course in Winter A, we are continually proving Ross to be the nexus of academic, professional, and entrepreneurial activity in emerging markets.

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    • $60 (Lifetime Membership) - Lifetime membership
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  • Enactus

    All-Ross Groups

    Website Mission Contact: Heather Desino, Email group officers

    Lifetime membership

  • Entertainment + Digital Media Club

    All-Ross Groups - Career interests

    Website Mission Membership Benefits Contact: Olivia Chow, Reema Shihadeh, Email group officers

    $25 (One Year)
    Membership will end on 30 May 2020
  • Indian Subcontinent Business Association

    All-Ross Groups - Career interests

    Website Mission Contact: Vaibhav Pugalia, Preksha Jain, Email group officers

    Choose the membership most suitable for you and pay the membership fees. Please do visit our website to look at the various membership benefits linked to each membership type.

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    • $55 (Lifetime [All Programs] - Recommended) - Lifetime membership
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  • Partners Club at Ross (PCAR)

    All-Ross Groups - Social and Sports

    Website Mission Contact: Email group officers

    PCAR is dedicated to supporting the needs of partners and families of students in all Ross graduate programs. We offer information, advice, and other resources to prospective and incoming partners and their families to facilitate a smooth transition to U-M life. PCAR also creates an instant network of friends from around the world ready to explore Ross, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and beyond. PCAR’s robust calendar of events caters to all partners, their students, and their families living in or visiting Ann Arbor, including those who are employed, seeking work, in school, caring for family, or unable to work in this country. PCAR enables members to take full advantage of the Ross experience with their significant other.

  • Private Equity Club

    All-Ross Groups - Career interests

    Website Mission Membership Benefits Contact: Cameron Reid, Email group officers

  • Retail Club at The Ross School of Business

    All-Ross Groups - Career interests

    Website Mission Contact: Wenyi Qu, Email group officers

    Annual membership is $15 and a lifetime membership is $25. Membership will grant you access to RRC events and activities. Only paid members will also be included in the LGR resume book for recruiters to view.

  • Southeast Asia Business Association

    All-Ross Groups - Diversity

    Website Mission Membership Benefits Contact: Darren Lau, Warren Jeraratanasopa, Nan Sithinamsuwan, Email group officers