Leadership Team

Our Team

Alex Klopp

he/him - Alex grew up in Iowa City and caught the cycling bug from a young age (Lance Armstrong was his childhood hero, unfortunately). He most recently lived in the cyclist's paradise of Monterey, California. Alex is an advocate for a "no-car" lifestyle, preferring to haul groceries and just about anything else on his bike. He loves exploring both the gravel and tarmac around Ann Arbor.

Brenden Merriman
VP of Events

he/him - Brenden has dabbled in city biking, road biking, mountain biking, bikepacking, and triathlons over the years, but now gets his kicks biking just to get around Ann Arbor. He commutes on two wheels to Ross from the Old West Side year round, and can be seen passing cars on Huron in the summer, and slipping his way down Washington in the winter.

Jay Petrie
VP of Events

he/him - A relative newcomer to the sport, Jay came to enjoy cycling by way of triathlons before the pandemic. He loves the mental escape that comes from bike rides and enjoys riding on Zwift during the cold Midwest winters. He looks forward to learning more about the sport and getting to know others who enjoy cycling and other endurance sports.