Our Mission

DACC (Data Analytics Consulting Club, formerly DIAG) provides real-world analytics experience to its members by matching members with organizations that have data-based business questions they are looking to solve.

Members do not need prior experience, but those with 1-2 years of analytics experience using Python, Excel, or R, are encouraged to join as project managers. In previous years, DACC has worked with a diverse set of companies from Ford and Hyundai to Detroit Police.

Club benefits

Educational support

Get up-to-speed through our sessions on Python, Tableau, SQL, and storytelling. We help you start your data analytics journey by providing familiarity with the most common features, tools, and functionalities..

capstone project

Apply what you learned in a live project. Make an impact at an actual company or organization, gain experience that you can talk about in interviews, and ready yourself for MAP and summer internships.

Faculty-Led Mentorship

earn from some of the top Technology & Operations and Marketing faculty members in a small group environment. Learn the skills to manage ambiguity, generate insights, and make insightful recommendations.


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