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Sheetal Singh, MBA ’20


My internship is in NYC and the cost of living is incredibly high! The Give-A-Day funding has really helped ease my financial burden (ironic since I’m working at a financial health nonprofit).

Kyle Jarrett, MBA/MPP ’21


The Give-a-Day funding I received was a lifeline. This opportunity came about very late in the process, and many funding resources through the University of Michigan had already been allocated. Without Give-a-Day, this internship probably wouldn’t have happened. It’s an awesome experience to know that my peers made this possible for me, and I think it really speaks to the uniqueness of the Ross community and the support we have for one another.

Mingming Zhao, MBA ’20


Staying in Manhattan for three months was a big investment. Thanks to the Give-A-Day funding, I have had more flexibility in choosing where I stayed. That saved me over 50% commuting time.