Funding Resources

Funding Requests:

Step 1: Read the MBA Council Funding Criteria very carefully.

Step 2: Use this Application Form to apply for funding.

Step 3: If your request is approved, please fill out and submit a Reimbursement Form after the expenses have been incurred (within 2 weeks of the event).

DO NOT SUBMIT for reimbursement without prior MBA Council approval of a funding request (see Steps 1 to 3).

Have questions about MBA Council funding? E-mail Nessim Salom, VP of Finance <>

Non-MBA Council Funding Sources:

Funding sources are available to student organizations currently registered at the University of Michigan from several departments and units.

We highly encourage you to also apply to CSG for funding large-scale and/or collaboration club events!

MBA Council Funding Disclosure

A monthly report of the MBA Council Funding Decisions and remaining funds can be provided by request.

Please reach out to Nessim Salom, VP of Finance <> with any questions.

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