How to Run for MBA Council

2024 - 2025 MBA Council Nomination Process


MBA Council President Elections will take place first followed by the Board Elections. Please see the timeline of events below:

Jan 22 (Monday @ 8:30 AM) - MBA Council President Nomination Form Opens

Jan 26 (Friday @ 12:00 PM) - MBA Council President Nomination Form Closes

Jan 29 (Monday @ 8:30 AM) - MBA Council President Election Begins, MBA Council Board Nomination Form Opens

Jan 31 (Wednesday @ 12:00 PM) - MBA Council President Election Closes

Feb 2 (Friday) - MBA Council President Announced

Feb 4 (Sunday @ 11:59PM) - MBA Council Board Nomination Form  Closes

Feb 5-7 -MBA Council Board Election + Interviews Take Place

Feb 9 - MBA Council Board Announced


Candidates will need to enter the following information in the form (*President nominees only):

  • Name, Email, Graduation Year
  • Personal Statement/Platform outlining your qualifications and why you are running for office (no more than 250 words). Statements will be shared when the voting ballots are emailed.
  • Upload a photo of yourself at the end of the form to be used in the election survey
  • *Upload a video of yourself describing why you are running and your platform.

In order to run for any MBA Council Officer position, you must meet the following requirements below:

  • Must be a Ross student in good standing
  • Must be enrolled at Ross though Winter A 2024
  • Cannot be a President of a Professional Club
  • Cannot participate in a study abroad while serving as an Officer
  • It is required to attend weekly MBA Council meetings
  • *Potential Presidential candidates must meet with the current MBA Council President
  • *It is required to attend weekly or bi-weekly MBA Program Office meetings

Candidates are not able to begin public campaigning until one week prior to the election; public campaigning must also abide by policies and regulations prescribed by Ross facilities. If you have questions, please review the MBA Council Constitution and Bylaws.

Elections for MBA Council will be run through Qualtrics. Please check your umich email for access to the voting links.

MBA Council Board Positions and Descriptions


  • Represent the voice of the students to the administration and faculty
  • Chair and create agendas for all Executive Board meetings (regular and special)
  • Hold meetings with Presidents of other councils (facilitated by MBA Program Office) at least once a semester
  • Serve on Boards and Committees within the Business School as needed
  • Serve on Boards and Committees within the general University of Michigan as needed
  • Meet regularly with the Managing Director of the MBA Program
  • Appoint a student to fill any Executive Board vacancy that arises due to removal or resignation of an Office

Executive Vice President

  • Work with Program Office to lead:
  • Key events/event committees (e.g., MBA1 Orientation, MBA2 Re-Orientation, Final 100, and others) with an emphasis on community building
  • MBA1 section election process and execution
  • MBA Council website updates
  • Lead MBA Council communications (e.g., re: mission, goals, and activities) at key points in the year (tentatively at end of each quarter)
  • Take meeting minutes. If unable to attend, confirm another officer to take and distribute the meeting minutes.
  • Administer the Full-Time MBA Slack

Vice President of Clubs and Experience

  • Oversee club re-registration process
  • Act as an initial point of contact for club leaders regarding questions
  • In conjunction with the MBA Program Office, manage the annual Meet the Clubs events in the fall, including the MBA Council table
  • Work with the Program Office and clubs to streamline events and conference management
  • Coordinate with the Program Office to conduct transition and training sessions with club leaders

Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Meet regularly with the MBA Program Office and Director of Diversity and Inclusion to create an inclusive environment at Ross
  • Lead Diversity Week and other DEI focused events
  • Lead the DEI student committee with the Director of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Celebrate the cultures, experiences, and achievements of Ross classmates

Vice President of International Experience

  • Responds to the unique needs of international students in areas such as community building, transition to Ann Arbor, and recruiting
  • Work with the MBA Program Office to coordinate the International Student Orientation
  • Serve as the liaison between the international student body and the MBA Council
  • Work with the administration to build a strong infrastructure of support for international students before, during, and after Ross
  • Partner closely with the VP of DE&I, UM International Center, and the Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Vice President of Finance

  • Keep an accurate account of all money received and expended by the MBA Council throughout the year
  • Make expenditures with the advice, consent, and approval of the Executive Board
  • Develop the MBA Council budget with the advice and approval of the Executive Board at the beginning of each academic year
  • Prepare a financial summary statement for each of the MBA Council Executive Board meetings
  • Manage the process for Student Club funding requests and disbursements, including the funding request form

Vice President of Wellness

  • Serve as the Chair of Well@Ross and Section Wellness reps
  • Work with CAPS, the Director of Wellness, and the MBA Program Office to promote wellness resources (e.g., Canvas Wellness page and all Wellness at Ross initiatives)
  • Plan and execute two Wellness Weeks (Fall/Winter)
  • Work with MBA Program Office to develop sustainable wellness programming/curriculum to meet the needs of FTMBA students

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