Well@Ross is Ross's health and well-being initiative committed to building an inclusive community and providing meaningful resources to help MBAs prioritize their wellness. Well@Ross empowers students to put their well-being first through robust programming and resources dedicated to the three key pillars of well-being: healthy mind, healthy body and healthy soul.

To learn more about Ann Arbor, Ross and University of Michigan resources please visit the Wellness site on Canvas here.

OUR 2020/21 GOALS

1. Ensure that all students are aware of and understand all aspects of wellness at Ross and the University of Michigan and how to access resources associated with each.

Accomplished by: Highlighting the Wellness Wheel at the beginning of the year and holding monthly events with corresponding social media presence that focus on one area of wellness each month.

2. Create an inclusive platform in which a diversity voices may be amplified and a diversity of needs may be met.

Accomplished by: Advocating for and supporting diverse therapy resources for students and breaking down misconceptions about care, hosting diverse panels, partnering with affinity-based clubs to create programming and collaborating with POC-owned businesses for events.

3. Ensure that wellness is not an afterthought in the community.

Accomplished by: Incorporation of wellness support in various established programs at Ross.

support for all forms of wellness


Practicing healthy behaviors around physical activity, nutrition, sleep, substance use, preventive exams; managing chronic conditions.


Thriving while fully experiencing the diverse range of human emotions, experiences and vulnerabilities.


Living in, working in and contributing to safe, healthy, and sustainable environments.


Developing knowledge and skills for managing financial decisions.


Sustaining personal satisfaction and enrichment from one's work.


Developing a sense of connection and belonging, having a well-developed support system, and contributing to a healthy inclusive community.


Pursuing knowledge and skill development.


Expanding our sense of purpose and meaning in life.

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