Wellness week 2022 Schedule

Tuesday, february 1st

Are you having trouble keeping up with your mental and physical wellness routines in the midst of recruitment? Join us on Tuesday, February 1st from 5-6pm to engage with holistic health and wellness coach, Brialle Ringer.

Navigating recruiting, academics, and career development can make it hard to carve out the time to ask ourselves the deeper 'Why' questions. We are given lots of opportunities to talk to companies about career paths but not so many to think about why these careers matter to us. Join us for an exploratory journey where we will start asking those deeper questions, have meaningful conversations, and have lots of fun along the way!

wednesday, february 2nd

Digital Detox: School-wide UnPlug Day

Sometimes, the best way to prioritize your wellness is to DO NOTHING. Unplug for the day! Minimize your online engagement. Take some time to yourself. Reserve this day for no meetings.

thursday, february 3rd

Join us for an exclusive evening with Christine Simmons, COO at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences! Christine has been at the helm of the Academy since 2019 and during some of the world's most turbulent times - from the pandemic, to the focus on increased representation in the arts, to protecting vulnerable actors and associates in the industry as we navigate the pandemic. We'll hear about Christine's journey, how to navigate and be a strategic leader during a crisis, and what the future of impact in the industry is.

Blew through your B-School budget? 'Secured the bag' and don't know what you'll do with your first (uncomfortably) large paycheck? Still don't know what to do with your rather idle IRA? Get some of your burning financial questions answered with Palatine Hill Wealth Management's Jeff Cheek (Ross BBA '08/Master of Accounting '09).

To ensure we provide you with an engaging experience please share personal finance topics/questions you would like to see covered during the session by completing this survey no later than Tuesday, 2/1.

friday, february 4th

On February 4th, FitX will be hosting FitXpo, the event that brings together executives and leaders in the fitness and wellness space who are reimaging wellness and thinking outside the box to innovate in the space. This year's event includes industry speakers and panelists, an opportunity for action based learning with Equinox, and community workouts and meditation classes.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about wellness from the business side. MBA Council is partnering with FitX to support the Friday afternoon workouts and meditation classes. Times are below - We hope you'll join us in the afternoon!

SoulCycle Class: 4:30pm, SoulCylce in Ann Arbor

Meditation Class: 4:30pm, Virtual

Yoga Class: 4:30pm, Virtual

More details and registration can be found on FitX's website.

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