Investment Banks Who Recruit at ross

The visual above highlights the banks where Michigan Ross MBAs have interned since 2015. Most of these internships were located in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco and Charlotte.

However, this is just a small representation of the opportunities afforded to Ross MBAs. The vast Michigan network of MBAs and undergraduates in the investment banking industry, a key differentiator from other top MBA programs, allows students to source internships with additional companies and continually add to the list above.

Internship Placement Rates

  • Since 2015, 78% of students have obtained internships with bulge bracket banks and 22% with boutique and middle-market banks
  • Domestic student placement rates have averaged 90% since 2016, with placement rates above 94% in 2018 and 2019
  • International student placement rates have averaged 40% since 2016; however, the 2019 placement rate was 57%

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Led by the VP of Diversity and Inclusion, the MBA Finance Club conducts and promotes diversity-related events and initiatives to support students in their recruiting journey. One such example is the Women in Investment Banking seminar planned in early September, which will promote the role of women in investment banking by showcasing Michigan Ross alumni and their successful careers in investment banking.

Career treks

To augment each member's recruiting process, MBA2s and CDO lead students on treks to NYC, Chicago and San Francisco to visit and network with investment banks and Michigan Ross alumni.

The trek to NYC, dubbed the Wall Street Trek, is a week-long event during fall break where members have the opportunity to spend time with 15-20 investment banks.


Are you a career switcher with a limited background in finance? NO PROBLEM. Each year Michigan Ross MBA students from non-finance backgrounds, including veterans, engineers, and teachers (to name a few), have obtained investment banking internships. The club's support structure provides the necessary tools to ensure your success, regardless of your background.


Still on the fence about investment banking? Our team encourages you to reach out to club leadership to learn more about what investment banking is all about, including what the work really entails and how it will benefit your short and long-term career aspirations.

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