Welcome to MBW!

We are established to provide women in the Ross School of Business professional contacts through mentoring as well as professional and social networking opportunities. Visit our Events tab for information regarding 2016-2017 events and check out our Facebook page (here) to stay up-to-date on all things MBW!


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to MBW's Co-Presidents Komal Sankla (komals@umich.edu) and Mary Gresla (mgresla@umich.edu).



Dear MBW Members,

Welcome to Michigan Business Women! We are excited for another year of fun events with our wonderful members! Check out our events and newsletters for general info and upcoming events.

The mission of the Michigan Business Women BBA Chapter is to educate and create awareness of business issues pertaining to women, to create a sense of community within the Business School, and to develop skills and opportunities that will enhance our success in the business world.

In other words, we will work hard for you to not only create a sense of community in the Ross School of Business, but also to build a strong network of businesswomen that will benefit you as you start your careers. Women still face similar challenges as they did fifteen years ago, and our organization strives to help our women face and overcome those challenges. We hope you enjoy our events this year!

Kind regards,

Komal Sankla & Mary Gresla
MBW Co-Presidents