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Michigan Chinese Business Club (MCBC) is a premier business club that focuses on bridging the gap between the Chinese and the U.S. markets. As a Ross Business club, MCBC has an abundance of resources to help our members build a strong foundation: business acumen, innovative leadership, and strong teamwork skills.

Our meetings has various aspects: Discussions, Activities, Competition, and Workshops. We have active discussions to dive deeper into the ongoing events in the market as well as discussions about various business industries. In addition, we host exciting exclusive competitions to encourage hands on learning with friendly competition (with prizes)! We also host professional development workshops to best prepare them for recruiting and for their career. 

Above all, Michigan Chinese Business Club is club where you can meet friends with similar interests! 

Website: www.umcbc.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rossmcbc/
Email: mcbcboard@umich.edu