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NI@R Membership Fees

$45 for one year 

$75 for two years

$90 for three years                                                                               


Why should I join?

By joining Net Impact @ Ross (NI@R) you are joining a group of student leaders that want to use business to change the world and your NI@R board is here to help you figure out just what that means for you. As a member, you can look forward to receiving full access to all of NI@R’s events, programs, speakers and workshops to help you make the most of your time at Ross, increase your exposure to new topics and land that perfect job. We can help you explore finding a career that is not only fulfilling, but also fits with your life goals, values and definition of success.


Benefits of being an NI@R Member

  • Impact - Discover how you can use the power of business to create the change you want to see in the world.
  • Community - Become part of a community that shares your interests. Net Impact is a great way to meet friends -at Ross and beyond - and learn from them about this continuously developing field.
  • Education - Learn how various business strategies impact society and organize events that suit your own interests. Get access to enhanced educational opportunities Net Impact National Network.
  • Career - Get access to resources and develop relationships with companies and organizations that may lead to your ideal job.
  • Network - Join a growing network of international students and alumni dedicated to this cause. These relationships may lead to future partnerships and career opportunities.
  • Newsletter - Receive the Net Impact @ Ross weekly newsletter, providing the latest information on career opportunities and educational events.
  • Job Database - When you join Net Impact @ Ross, you gain access to the Net Impact National jobs database.
  • Discounts - Your NI@R Membership includes an academic membership to Net Impact Central, which gets you special invitations and discounts to events, including the Net Impact National Conference.


Net Impact National (NI) Free Membership!

After you join NI@R, head over to and sign up for your FREE membership to gain access to the NI job board and career resources.

Added benefits of NI Premium Membership

  • Access to the NI Online Member Network, which includes working professionals as well as members from other school chapters
  • The Job Board and extensive job listings – A great resource for off campus job searching!
  • National network newsletter – stay up to date on all things NI
  • Other original publications
  • The Impact at Work program
  • National NI Conference discounts
  • Issues In Depth Webinar Series - Engage with & learn from experts in sustainability & corporate responsibility
  • Check out more about Net Impact at