The Holiday Party - Project Ideas

Thank you for your interest in developing project ideas benefitting Detroit students! As you know, Net Impact and Arts enterprise will use the proceeds from "The Holiday Party" to fund four projects through The Generation Project. All we need is your ideas.

Directions: We encourage you to be creative, as you think about your favorite student experiences and what is meaningful to you and other Net Impact/Arts Enterprise members. What would you do with $500, for example, to benefit Detroit students? You could fund a classroom activity, field trip, or competition. It could relate to sustainability, social entrepreneurship, the arts, or any number of other topics.

Sample Project Description - Chess Champions

Chess is an extremely important game. A player must think analytically by devising strategies and adjusting to new circumstances. Even better, chess delivers ample amounts of fun. I want to encourage students in a Bronx middle school to take up chess and learn to love the game like I have. I want to sponsor a chess tutoring program that will ultimately lead to a tournament.

Questions?  Contact Emily Neubig (Net Impact) at or Tina Tam (Arts Enterprise) at

Thank you for your project idea! We encourage you to read about the four top project ideas at the event ticket table on December 9th and 10th, and to vote for your favorite idea at the event.