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Please join Public Speaking at Ross for our weekly meetings, Sundays from 12pm - 1pm in room R2240. All are welcome!

Brett Speaking

Do you:

-Want to improve your public speaking skills by practicing and getting advice from others?

-Want to boost your confidence in interviews and presentations?

-Want to gain a competitive edge in the career world?

*If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Public Speaking at Ross is the club for you!

~Every week, we provide opportunities for our members to hone their speaking skills by giving prepared speeches and impromptu speeches!


Our members enjoy:

-A positive learning environment with feedback on every speech

-Opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills

-Increased self-confidence and personal growth


About Public Speaking at Ross (formerly Toastmasters)

Public Speaking at Ross is a student organization that provides opportunities for Business Students to practice and improve their public speaking abilities. Whether you are uncomfortable speaking to a crowd or a seasoned veteran who just wants to get better, come out and see the great things we have to offer everyone!

Legacy to Toastmasters

Public Speaking at Ross began as a Toastmasters Internationa‚Äčl club. However, in an effort to lower fees and provide an avenue for as many students as possible to gain confidence, skill, and experience in public speaking, we have departed from Toastmasters. We continue to apply many of the best practices and lessons from Toastmasters for our club meetings and are very thankful to Toastmasters for the substantial value it has provided to our club.

If you are interested in joining a Toastmasters club, there are other options in the Ann Arbor area.