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RLG members in the University of the Michigan Ross School of Business offer exceptional leadership, attitude and passion. They are a combination of creativity, analytics, team players and true leaders, a mix that is eminent to succeed in the world of retail and luxury. Allow our students to offer value to your company and reach out to start a mutually beneficial relationship.

Retail and Luxury companies are one of the leading industries our students desire to work for. With a growing year on year club membership, RLG can help your company recruit the best.

Here are some ways to start a fruitful collaboration:

Post a job/internship role on our impact portal

Start an official on-campus recruiting process

Organized a lunch N' learn educational session

Create a workshop series

Throw a case competition

Meet us in a happy hour

We hope to hear from you soon, please contact us for any more information!


Michigan Ross School of Business 701 Tappan Street
Ann Arbor Mich 48109