Our mission in student life is to....

RLG's mission is to establish the Ross School of Business as a core school at retail and luxury companies looking to recruit the unique and quality talent that only Ross can provide. Our mission will be achieved by developing our members professionally and academically, and by creating a connection between what is learned in the classroom and the current industry trends. In addition, we aim to expose students to the variety of roles and opportunities in the retail and luxury industry and help them achieve their professional goals.


RLG's vision is to grow and develop the club and its members by creating a strong connection between students, alumni and companies and create a fruitful collaboration. We strive to execute our vision through:

  • Educating students about the world of retail and luxury
  • Coaching and preparing members for interviews
  • Learning from Ross alumni working in various RLG roles
  • Collaborating with MBA RLG clubs across the US

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