rlg resources for success

Company Webinars. RLG hosts webinars for companies that are unable to come campus or are looking for another way to engage with students. Previous webinars include Nike, Luxottica and Gap

Education. RLG helps students to learn about the Retail and Luxury industry through providing the latest updates and news, crrating informational sessions and conducting store-walks

Interview prep. RLG works with student to prepare for retail interviews integrating between behavioral questions and industry specific questions

MBA2s. From coffee chats to mock interviews, MBA2s are willing to give their time to MBA1s. This is a great way to learn firsthand about the internship experience at a particular company

Michigan Alumni. Interested in a company that doesn't recruit at Ross? You're more than likely to find an University of Michigan alumni there. Discover how quickly you can get an email response when you open with a "Go Blue!"

Collaboration with RLG clubs around the country. RLG maintains connections with fellow club throughout the US. Together the clubs collaborate in promoting and attending conferences and luxury events, and provide recruiting support and information

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