HLS Symposium 2019

Join us for the 2019 Ross Healthcare and Life Science Symposium on Thursday Oct 3rd and Friday Oct 4th. The symposium will feature 2 keynotes, panels on the latest healthcare trends, a career fair, and the opportunity to network with top healthcare organizations.

This year's theme is: Change. Challenge. Champion: Navigating the new healthcare landscape and will include the following panels:

  • Commercializing New Ideas and Innovations
  • Building a Culture of Healthcare Transparency
  • The Graying of America - Creating Silver Care Strategies for an Aging Population
  • Designing for Emerging Markets and Global Needs

For more information reach out to Jane Danstrom (janed@umich.edu), Charlene Hsiao (chahsiao@umich.edu), and Minh Nguyen (minhnn@umich.edu).

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