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*Please note that the Consulting Club at Ross is only open to Ross full-time and part-time MBA students. Please do not sign up for membership if you are not currently enrolled as a Ross MBA student.

Membership in the Consulting Club at Ross is virtually essential for students interested in entering the industry. Notable benefits of membership include:

Education: CC@R education team conducts weekly sessions to educate MBAs on the consulting industry, various firms and the recruitment process, including detailed training on how to handle case interviews. The team also conducts panels to share insights of experienced members and alumni.

Corporate Relations: CC@R sponsors two consulting forums each year that are attended by all the leading firms in the industry.  Additionally, we coordinate office hours, happy hours, case competitions and various other firm-sponsored events which are important both to learn about the firms for your own insights and to help firms understand your candidacy.

Resources:  CC@R membership entitles you to case preparation materials such as casebooks and case training websites, firm information and general industry education which you can download and use as you like.  These resources are only offered to members.

Mentors:  CC@R assigns second year MBAs with consulting experience as mentors to first year MBAs. This provides a great avenue to have questions answered that are specific to your goals and experience, which in turn helps tailor your resume and personal positioning to what firms are looking for. It’s also a great resource for one-on-one case interview preparation.

Leadership Opportunities:  There are several positions open to first and second year MBAs of varying interests and experience which provide valuable and fun leadership challenges, while also adding a nice bullet to your resume. The opportunity to lead a club of 500+ members is not something you come by every day!

Fun!:  Nominal annual dues go to good use and help us network together.