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The ETA Club's mission is to educate and motivate Ross MBA students to pursue a career in entrepreneurship through acquisition / search funds. By gathering students, alumni, investors, advisors, and business owners to discuss finding, acquiring, and running lower-middle-market (LMM) companies, the ETA Club hopes to inspire the next-generation of purpose-driven leaders. To accomplish this, the Club organizes educational sessions with ETA investors, hosts an annual conference, and provides resources -- such as introductions to anchor investors and internships -- to prepare students to launch their own search fund.

Members Benefits

No additional costs for all ETA events, which includes company presentations from investors, fireside chats with current CEOs, and the Annual ETA Conference

Notification of in-year and summer internships, and introductions to the companies / investors who host these

Access to comprehensive ETA resources, including alumni database and case studies.

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Access curated information about search.


Meeting new students with shared interest

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Daniel Kolodney

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Jose Antonio Villalba

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Michelle Petrasko

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David Leonard II

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Marielisa Hecht

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Dominic Chumich

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Alexa Pete

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Patrick Metcalf

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Seth Olson

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Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

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