Michigan Ross FitXpo 2021: Forging the Future of Wellness

A multi-day event to convene executives and entrepreneurs around the most top-of-mind health & wellness topics, including the future of wellness and fitness post-COVID and the industry's role in increasing access to wellness.

This event is open to current Michigan Ross MBA students and alumni, prospective MBA students, and any other passionate individuals within the health and wellness community!

FitXpo 2021: Schedule

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Friday February 19th

barre with Mar
11:30 - 11:50 AM EST
This 20-minute class (taught by the incoming FitX president - Mari Mankey) will include a light warmup, planks, and core work, lower body tempo squats, and will consistently require lightweight and high repetitions. If you have a light set of weights, two soup cans, two bottles of wine, etc. please have them nearby! I will modify positions and always give the option to drop the weight completely. You'll want to be barefoot, have a flat or comfy surface like a yoga mat, and be wearing clothes you can move around and sweat in!

Keynote with Fitt Insider Co-Founder Joe Vennare: Redefining the Future of Fitness
12:00 - 1:00 PM EST
Are you already a Fitt Insider? If you aren't - you will be by the end of this session! Hear directly from Joe Vennare - the founder of Fitt.Co, author of Fitt Insider, and investor for numerous fitness & wellness brands on what is up and coming in the ever-evolving wellness industry. Learn his perspective on the future of fitness and what's needed to increase access and equity across the industry.

Turn Up the Tempo - Meet the First AI-Powered Home Gym
:00 - 2:00 PM EST
Did you ever dream of having a personalized trainer? With the Tempo Studio, you can receive personalized feedback to help you see progress with every workout. Hear from Chris Knape around leading product management at a fitness company in a highly competitive space and how Tempo Studio differentiates from other at-home digital products. Get your fitness-related questions answered by a Tempo instructor and receive a product demo to envision it in your own home! Co-sponsored by Tech Club.

Mindfulness Goes Mainstream
2:15 - 3:00 PM EST
Headspace has one mission: to improve the health and happiness of the world. Since its founding in 2010, Headspace now has millions of users in over 190 countries. We'll hear from Michigan Alumnus Keya Patel, who serves as their Director of Product Management & Growth to hear how Headspace has evolved over the years. Interested in Product Management, startups, or being more mindful? This session is for you.

Friday February 26th

Social Well-Being in Action
12:00 - 1:00 PM EST
Wondering what social well-being means? How it's differentiated from mental health and well-being? How to manage your own social well-being amidst the pandemic and for the future? Then join us for an interactive conversation with Fabriq Co-founder and Chief Evangelist, Amy Baglan! Amy will provide an overview of what social well-being is, the landscape of the space, and the key dimensions of social well-being. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your own social well-being and understand how a product like Fabriq can help you track and optimize. You will also learn about the innovation and tactics for growing businesses in the mental and social well-being space from this awesome female founder as well as plenty of time for Q&A! Co-sponsored by Michigan Business Women.

Inve$ting in the Future of Well-Being
1:00 - 2:00 PM EST
The wellness industry is currently valued at roughly $200 billion and encompasses products and services that help consumers improve their health. You've probably been a consumer of products that have been VC-backed in the last 5 years! In this session, you'll get to engage with some of the venture capitalists that have made investments in the health, wellness, and fitness industry in the last 5 years. You'll get to hear about recent investment hypotheses that drove an investment decision they made, as well as ask them questions about the future of investing in this industry. Co-sponsored by the Entreprenership and Venture Capital Club (EVC).

Exer AI: Improving Interactions in a Virtual World--A Conversation and Demo of the Studio Product
2:00 - 3:00 PM EST
Do you miss in-person workouts? Getting a high-five from your coach and maybe some actionable feedback? Meet Exer AI, an innovative company that enhances connections during virtual workouts. Using your smartphone or computer (no additional hardware required!), Exer's AI technology tracks and corrects your movements with real-time audio feedback, rep counting, workout summary, leaderboards, challenges, and more. In this session, Exer's founders and leadership team will introduce you to the product, discuss the company's strategy for scaling the product and share their vision for revolutionizing the wellness industry. Bonus - you'll get a 20-minute sweaty demo of the product!
Co-sponsored by Tech Club.

The Smartest Smart Ring - A Q&A w/ Oura CEO and Michigan Alum, Harpreet Rai
3:00 - 4:00 PM EST
Join Michigan Alum and Oura CEO, Harpreet Rai, for an interactive Q&A session to close out FitXpo 2021! Harpeet will share the history and incredible growth of Oura and why he is so personally passionate about the product. Participants will learn how Oura has approached health tracking during the COVID-19 pandemic and how they have integrated tracking into their product features. Participants will also have the opportunity to hear about how Oura built their notable partnerships with the NBA, WNBA, NASCAR, and NASA and what additional features and partnerships Oura is currently working on. We can guarantee that you will be running to buy an Oura ring after this session (or at least once you are no longer on an MBA budget)!
Co-sponsored by Healthcare and Life Sciences Club and the Sports Business Association.

Questions? Send us an email at FitX.Michigan.Ross@umich.edu