FitX: Health & Wellness Professional and Innovation Club

FitX lies at the intersection between fitness, health, wellness, innovation, and technology.


About Us

FitX is an industry club focused on the mental and physical fitness space - where market dynamics are changing how consumers access and/or track their health or wellness.

We are industry-focused, function-agnostic and we serve Ross students interested in the health and wellness space. Our mission is to: 1)  Provide experiential opportunities through relevant company partnerships, 2) Facilitate education to expand industry knowledge and 3) Foster community with like-minded students, alumni, and industry experts

The FitX board believes in trying to democratize fitness and make wellness accessible to all members of society. In this academic year (2020-2021) we commit to providing members ways to diversity their newsfeed about the wellness industry. At least one of our action-based learning projects this year will be with a Black-owned business and/or focused on DEI within the wellness space. We will ensure our guest speakers and programming include the BIPOC community. We are committed to taking action as a club through our platform and our programming and hope you will join us!









Members Benefits

Those who would benefit from membership include: anyone exploring a potential career path in the Health & Wellness industry regardless of functional interest, anyone excited to learn from and about founders of both small and large health and wellness companies, anyone interested in learning about the business background behind your favorite fitness and wellness brands, and anyone interested in exploring what innovation within this industry looks like!

Events & Activities

Educational & networking events, as well as career treks

Exclusive Resources

Bi-weekly newsletters, industry resources, curated job and internship postings, company lists


Exclusive access to peers, alums, and industry professionals

The FitX Team

Patrick Holstad
John Lee (he/him/his)
Genevieve Inbusch
Rohan Kalra
VP of Experiential Learning & Innovation
Mary Lindsay Ryan
Samuel Fogg
Marielle Mankey
Paige Mintz
Caitlin Sugar
VP of Education & Industry Expertise
Sonja Manning
Alex Bozzo
VP of Community & Branding
Elise Gordon
VP of Experiential Learning & Innovation
Meredith Chapekis
VP of Corporate & Alumni Engagement



701 Tappan Street
Ann Arbor, MI, 48109
United States