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A career in general management can mean many things, and they all revolve around leadership. General Management Club members and Ross graduates pursuing careers in this field find themselves working across functions such as marketing, corporate finance, internal strategy, sales, and even rotational leadership development programs. While these starting points may vary, the GMC's corporate sponsors and partners employ our members not only for their ability, but also their desire, to lead others.

A successful general manager must possess the business acumen to direct cross-functional teams as well as the leadership ability to manage the individuals on those teams. These managers need to be prepared to make decisions involving the coordination and integration of functional areas such as sales, marketing, human resources, finance, and production while also deftly directing the individuals in charge of these various areas and their activities.

The General Management Club at Ross seeks to prepare its members for the challenges that lay ahead while providing the access and opportunity to tackle those challenges with exciting career opportunities from dozens of industry-leading companies. Our education series will aim to endow our members with important leadership skills as well as the ability to function in an increasingly ambiguous workplace environment. In conjunction, we will offer networking and interview preparation sessions to best equip our members to excel throughout the recruiting process. Finally, the annual General Management Conference and other member-exclusive events will provide unparallelled access to companies seeking their leaders of the future.

If you're ready to pursue a career in leadership and excited to attain the skills required to be successful, please join us in the General Management Club!

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