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Francisco was born and raised in New York City in a predominantly Dominican neighborhood called Washington Heights. He graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. After his undergrad, he worked as an equity research associate at Wellington Management for 4 years. He then started and operated a real estate development business, which renovated and sold residential properties in the Greater Boston Area. At Ross, Francisco is Treasurer for HBSA, a Consortium Member, VP of Partnerships for the Entrepreneur & Venture Club, and VP of Asset Management for the Ross Real Estate Fund.


VP Member Engagement


Stephan was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. He graduated from The University of Texas at El Paso with his BBA in Finance in 2015. Upon graduating, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona, to work for an investment firm as a fixed-income trader. At Ross, Stephan is a CGSM member, Toigo Fellow, LunaCap Fellow, and VP of Member Engagement for the HBSA.


VP of Allyship


Brittney was born in Bakersfield, CA. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a BS in Chemical Engineering. Upon graduating, Brittney worked in the oil and gas industry as an engineer and project manager before moving to San Diego to work in government consulting. She will be pivoting into tech. At Ross, Brittney is a CGSM liaison and member, BBSA member, Ross MBA Student Ambassador, and VP of Allyship for HBSA.




Marquis was born and raised in New York to Cuban and Indian parents. He graduated with a BS in Business Administration from Fordham University. Marquis then enlisted into the U.S. Army where he served as an Intelligence Analyst and Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. Prior to Ross, Marquis worked in a variety of roles supporting the government clients within the intelligence Community. At Ross, Marquis is President of HSBA, Consortium Member, and VP of Communications for the Armed Forces Association.


VP Corporate Relations


Marisol grew up in Elgin, Illinois in a Mexican and Puerto Rican family. As a high school student, she started her own business which successfully ran until she graduated from North Illinois University with a B.A in History and a Minor in Latino and Latin American Studies. Prior to her college graduation, she identified a need in the market and created her second business in the suburbs of Chicago to be the only bilingual driving school for teens and adults. Now, she is pursuing her Master of Business Administration at Ross Business school. She is also highly involved in extracurriculars as the VP of Corporate Relations for HBSA, a member of the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management (CGSM), Forte Fellow, Finance Club, and Wine Club.


VP of Marketing and Communication


Miguel was born in Indio, CA and raised in the farming community of San Joaquin, CA. He pursued a B.A. in Political Science at the University of California, Merced. After college, Miguel participated as an Executive Fellow in California's Capital Fellowship Program where he worked in the executive office at the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). After serving as a budget analyst for a year within CDFA, Miguel went on to work at UC Merced in the Office of Government and Community Relations as a community relations representative. He was also elected to serve on the Merced City School District Board of Education for one term and served on the California School Board Association's Legislative Committee. Miguel went on to work as a project Manager for Fresno State's Office of Community and Economic Development working on Broadband policy. After seven years of work in the public sector, Miguel wanted to pivot within the private sector utilizing the skills he attained in the public sector and to further pursue his interest in technology. Presently he is pursuing an MBA and MPP at Ross and Ford. He serves as Vice President of Communications for HBSA, and a general member at the Tech Club, Consulting Club, Marketing Club, Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, and the Ford School's student government.


VP of Prospective Students and Consortium Liaison


Linnet was born in Cuba and moved to Miami, Florida at the age of 12. She graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. Currently, she is part of the Erb Institute, pursuing an MBA and a Master of Science in Environment & Sustainability. Prior to school, Linnet was a Federal consultant advising clients in a financial and data analytics capacity. Linnet will be pivoting into the sustainable food and conservation space. At Ross, Linnet is the Director of Prospective Students for HBSA, and also member of the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management (CGSM), Emerging Market Club, and Net Impact.


VP Alumni Relations


Brianna is a Costa Rican and Italian blood, California native, and has a zest for life as spicy as it comes. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS in Business Management. Following graduation, she worked in marketing and public relations in the consumer electronics industry. At Ross, Brianna is the VP of Alumni Relations for HBSA, a member of the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management (CGSM), Tech Club, and Outdoors Club.


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