THREE-PRONGED Approach to Recruiting SUPPORT

The MBA Investment Banking Club partners with CDO and MBA2-led FACT groups in order to ensure recruiting success for our members


The MBA Investment Banking Club partners with Wall Street Prep, a trusted training provider for the world's elite investment banks, private equity firms, Fortune 1000 companies, to offer discounted access to instructor-led boot camps and online training for our members.

These tools prepare our members for the recruiting interview process and, ultimately, a successful career in finance. Boot camps cover topics such as financial statement modeling, corporate valuation, LBO modeling, and interview prep.

Database of Guides

Club members gain access to the database of technical and behavioral guides compiled by past MBA1s in order to supplement your recruiting and interview prep efforts

Mock Interviews

As interviews begin, MBA2s in the MBA Finance Club host mock interviews to assist MBA1s with their interview prep

company fact Sheets

Club leadership partners with the CDO to develop company fact sheets in order to efficiently educate members on each firm prior to corporate presentations and coffee chats

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