MBA Christian Fellowship

Grow in your faith while at Ross


A non-denominational Christian community at the Ross School of Business dedicated to sharing God's love, encouraging its members, and growing in our faith together.


We are devoted to understanding how and why the Christian faith impacts both our professional and personal life decisions. We aim to better understand the intersections between faith and the business world while also rejoicing in His enduring love and the amazing blessings that come with it. In addition, we support each other through shared experiences and "bear one another's burden" in order to "spur one another on to love and good deeds."

If you don't know about Christianity, and want to find out more, we welcome your questions and would love to dialogue with you.


  • FELLOWSHIP: Activities with each other and other graduate students
  • WORSHIP: Study the Bible and pray together
  • BUSINESS AS MISSION: Use the skillsets gained in business school to improve communities through commerce
  • CONFERENCES: Participate in events, including Believers in Business Conference

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