Past Events

JBA&GCA Co-hosted Dumpling making

Nov 20, 2021

Joint event with Greater China Association.

Let's wrap different types of dumplings and taste in both Japanese way and Chinese way! We plan to have everyone take home some uncooked dumplings.

NBA Tour by JBA

Dec 8, 2021

Do you know Rui Hachimura? Yes! He is the first-ever Japanese-born basket player drafted into the Washington Wizards in 2019.

By courtesy of the Detroit Pistons, JBA can offer a special ticket for the game of Pistons with the Washington Wizards!!!!! Surprisingly, Pistons gives all of us a chance to try a free throw in the real NBA court after the game.

We believe this would be the first and last chance for everybody! Do not miss this opportunity to see Rui's legendary plays with your eyes!!!

Hot Pot Party hosted by TBA × JBA

Dec 10, 2021

Joint event with Taiwan Business Association.

Come join our hot pot party! We will also be providing Japanese & Taiwanese snacks and some alcohol. We have shacha sauce for the Taiwanese food lovers.

JBA Year End and Farewell Party

Dec 17, 2021.

We're going to have Year End Party and celebrate surviving the exam week! We will serve food and alcohol, but we are welcome to bring your favorite food or drink.

Our beloved GMBA'21 cohorts will graduate in December, and this event may be the last chance to talk to them!

JBA Farewell & Welcome party

Apr 8, 2022

This event is for all Ross community members and their families/significant others.

Our beloved MBA'22 cohorts are graduating, and great chance to talk to them! Also, we would like to welcome GMBA'23 cohorts!

We will serve food and some alcohol, but welcome to purchase your favorite beverage at the counter.

JBA Farewell Party for GMBA22

Jul 3, 2022

This event is for the entire Ross community and Non-JBA members are welcome to join.

We're going to have a farewell party for our beloved GMBA 2022 cohorts.