Who Are We?

We are a student-led organization composed of MBAs from all over the world that are passionate about diversity and inclusion. Our members and allies recognize the importance of building a stronger community by sharing culture with one another. Our goal is to build awareness and appreciation for Asian-American culture while supporting the education and awareness of other cultures. We proudly support and partner with other student-led DEI organizations at Ross.

Our Purpose

"To celebrate culture, unite communities, and build more empathy into the world."

It's a simple purpose but a powerful one. We believe cultural differences should be celebrated, not ignored. Through our various events and programs, we seek to share and celebrate all cultures, including Asian-American culture, with our members. If this is a purpose and cause you can rally for, we'd love to meet you at one of our upcoming events

What Does it Mean to be Asian-American?

The term Asian-American typically refers to an individual with both American and Asian identity. In the United States, the Asian population is extremely diverse and large. Over 20 million Asian-Americans trace their roots to over 20 countries in Asia, each with its own unique history, culture and language. The massive growth and diversification of the Asian-Americans over the years, however, has led to the development of a broader Asian-American culture which can, at best, be described as a combination of many Asian cultures.

What do we do?

We host a variety of events and programs throughout the year ranging from social happy hours to fireside chats with diversity ambassadors such as Soojin Kwon.  Go check out our Events page to see more.

Who can join?

You can!  We welcome all students  regardless of race, ethnicity, or nationality.

A Sample of What WE Do


We support Asian American faculty and staff and develop relationships between professors and students within and across the University of Michigan community.


We develop AABA alumni relationships and work with corporate sponsors to facilitate more individual recruiting.


We connect the numerous Ross cultural communities to share  experiences (and food!) to enhance the understanding of a blended culture.

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