The Black Business Students Association is dedicated to the professional, academic, and personal experiences of its members and the recruitment of black business students into the Stephen M. Ross School of Business.


Increase Membership

To increase the enrollment of black students at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business (RSB).

Professional Development

To strive for and encourage excellence and professional growth among the membership. We maintain mutually beneficial relationships with the goal of enhancing the career exposure and prospects for our members by enriching the diversity of our corporate sponsors and providing them with access to a rich talent pool of minority students.

Build Community

To initiate, develop, and maintain contact amongst and between our members, faculty, administration, other Ross organizations and the general student body at the University of Michigan.


To develop and maintain an Alumni Association and foster and promote interactions with other black student organizations in the University of Michigan community.

Community Service

To support the larger community through service-oriented activities that address the concerns of the black community and increase BBSA members sense of social responsibility and involvement.

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