48th Annual Alfred L. Edwards (ALE) Conference and gala

Friday, February 16 - Saturday, February 17, 2024

Conference History

The ALE Conference is the longest running conference at the Ross School of Business and the University of Michigan. In its 48 years of existence, the conference has engaged attendees around the issues, challenges, and opportunities encountered by underrepresented minorities in the business world. It has historically attracted hundreds of attendees from around the country, including current and prospective students, Ross alumni, industry leaders, and corporate recruiters.

The conference is named in honor of Dr. Alfred L. Edwards, an esteemed professor at the University of Michigan and a mentor to many underrepresented minority students on campus. Dr. Edwards once said, "We must make sure that the doors that were opened for us, do not become closed for others." It is in this spirit that we gather as a community for this 48- year tradition.


The Network: Innovation Amplified

Networking in business is essential for entrepreneurs and business professionals, as it creates valuable relationships that open doors, offer mentorship, and foster collaborative opportunities, thereby amplifying innovation. This amplification is further enhanced through collaboration, where diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences converge, leading to more creative and effective solutions. The theme integrates the power of networking with the dynamism of collaborative diversity, driving forward innovation in the business world.

"We must make sure that the doors that were opened for us, do not become closed for others." - Dr. Alfred L. Edwards

Thank you to our ALE 48 Corporate Sponsors!

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