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Business Leaders for Diverse Abilities

Business Leaders for Diverse Abilities (BLDA) are business leaders, from the classroom to the boardroom, that look to build community, awareness, and advocacy within the world of business for people with disabilities, people with chronic illness, and neurodivergent folks.


About Us

BLDA's mission is to increase Ross community awareness of student/staff/faculty/business professionals that identify with a disability/neurodivergence/chronic illness, through thoughtful programming, education, and events.

BLDA's vision is a disability-fluent Ross MBA, faculty, and staff experience. BLDA provides education to our students, faculty, and staff, as well as drives conversations with school leadership on advocating on behalf of change for the disability, neurodivergent, and chronically ill community. BLDA also works to infuse disability technology and design in and outside of the classroom, showcasing the importance of technology for good.

We will achieve this through community building, advocacy, and awareness.

Community: Create a safe space where the disability, neurodivergent, and chronically ill-conscious community can flourish publicly at Ross.

Awareness & Advocacy: Include disability/neurodiversity/chronic illness in all DEI conversations at Ross, both for general awareness of and advocacy for this community. Within the fabric of DEI efforts, disability/neurodiversity/chronic illness is often not woven into the conversation.









Members Benefits

1) Community, friendship, allyship

2) Awareness and advocacy

3) Professional development

Events & Activities

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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

Lindsay Tracy Profile

Lindsay Tracy

VP of Community
Divya Ramalingam Profile

Divya Ramalingam

Saumya Bora Profile

Saumya Bora

VP of Disability Technology & Design
Angel Ayala Profile

Angel Ayala

Francesca Colombo Profile

Francesca Colombo

Tina Zhang Profile

Tina Zhang

VP of Finance
Maya Ambady Profile

Maya Ambady

VP of Marketing & Communications
Sonali Wijesiriwardena Profile

Sonali Wijesiriwardena

VP of Student Allyship & Events


Business Leaders for Diverse Abilities

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