Our Mission

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital (EVC) brings together students that are dedicated to furthering their educational and professional goals as prospective entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and/or venture capitalists. EVC provides students with events, networking opportunities, workshops, and recruiting support to advance their ambitions. We closely collaborate with the Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies and other entrepreneurship-focused organizations.

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Club benefits


EVC provides a community to make it easier to meet fellow students who are also interested in start-ups, either as entrepreneurs or as investors. Our social events are also a place to get ideas, find team members, and build a network of entrepreneurial peers.

Career Support

EVC connects students with companies that can lead to valuable contacts for the future and prospective job opportunities. New this year, the club has built a curriculum and support network for those dedicated to developing a business while at Ross.

Proffesional Development

EVC organizes events, guest speakers, and treks to provide our members with deeper exposure to the steps, challenges, and opportunities of an entrepreneurial career path.


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