UPCOMING EVENTS: mbw office hours

We eagerly invite you to attend MBW office hours every first Monday of the month, starting Monday October 3rd, at 12PM ET. This is a great opportunity to engage with the MBW community in a low stakes environment.

Feel free to drop in for a portion or the full hour! These sessions will not be recorded.

Registration links below.


Every first Monday of the Month at 12PM ET, starting Monday October 3rd!

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MBW Prospective Student Ambassadors


Talk to her about: Big pivots into consulting, Follies at Ross and all things comedy, non-traditional backgrounds and/or imposter syndrome, being Canadian, food allergies (womp)

She loves: Friends, fantasy books, being outside, and her perfect dog Maggie

Let's chat! Email Emily at emiro@umich.edu.


Talk to her about: Moving from NYC, moving to SF, big 'ol career switches (e.g. nonprofit to IB), and/or why paddleboarding is the best water activity (tied with jet skiing).

She loves: hanging out with friends, eating food while walking, trying other people's hobbies

Let's chat! Email Mikayla at mterr@umich.edu.