What is Net Impact?

Net Impact is an international network of business leaders committed to responsible business models, policies and practices. Net Impact members seek to integrate this commitment into the mission, values, strategy and operations of organizations in which they are involved.

What does Net Impact do?

At Ross, Net Impact's focus is two-fold: First, to create an active community of students who are passionate about making a social impact, whether through their professional or personal endeavors. Second, to provide resources and support for MBAs who are exploring careers in social impact.

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Prior to Ross, I spent five years working in the financial services / financial technology space in Chicago and NYC. However, as an active volunteer and board member for multiple non-profits, I began to recognize the power of public/private partnerships in invoking meaningful and lasting change in society. Coming back to school, I hope to utilize the experiences and skills I gained from my time in the private sector to help organizations in the public / non-profit space.




Prior to Ross, I spent three years working in the social impact space in Mumbai, followed by two years in my family’s furniture manufacturing business. The combination of these experiences led me to realize that business is truly a powerful force that can effect positive change in the world. I aim to use my experience at Ross to discover opportunities to apply business tools to solve the world's complex challenges.


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Madeleine joins the Erb Institute (dual MBA/MS) after working on United States agricultural policy and research at an environmental NGO and volunteering with urban farms and food justice organizations across the country. Madeleine is committed to working with food producers and retailers to transition to sustainable sourcing methods that promote a more regenerative and equitable food system. She is inspired by sustainability trends across the food industry and wants to use her degree to scale these initiatives and increase access to healthy and affordable foods.

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Prior to business school, I spent 4 years in Chicago working in the education/non-profit space both as a CPS HS science teacher and a Program Associate at Playworks. These incredible opportunities cemented my love for education and I went to business school in order to scale my impact.


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Emily is North Carolina native and UNC grad, who spent four years before Ross working at a digital marketing agency in Atlanta. She interned with General Motors' Connected Car team this summer, and is passionate about strengthening the resources for recruiting in Impact.


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Before attending Ross, I spent 5 years directing business operations for a small social-impact focused computer technology company located in Chicago's south side. The business had the dual mission of connecting local schools, non-profits, and at-risk families with affordable technology and training, and also investing in the community by hiring community members recently released from the criminal justice system as a means of facilitating reintegration into society. This incredible opportunity helped me to deeply understand that profits and positive impact do not necessarily have to be opposing operating principles, and can in-fact work together to create something more.


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Before Ross, I worked in patent prosecution for two years before becoming a brand copywriter in Portland, OR. Most recently, I wrote for Nike Running's digital marketing channels, including its Nike+ Run Club app and Instagram. I ultimately decided to pursue my MBA in order to build the business acumen necessary to combine my passions for strategy, storytelling, and social impact to (hopefully) help companies tackle the world's biggest problems.




Before business school, I led development and stabilization programming throughout conflict zones in the Middle East / North Africa, most recently in Northern Syria and Iraq. I returned to Ross to better understand business fundamentals and gain the financial literacy necessary to identify and scale socially impactful enterprises that have potential to address the long-term barriers to growth and development for the world's poor.


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Prior to Ross, I spent seven years in the social sector - first at a frontline social services agency in DC as a legal advocate and then an internal consultant working on capacity-building. I then moved into philanthropy and spent four years at a donor giving circle in Silicon Valley, running operations, finance, and communications for a network of donors pooling their money to invest in scaling social ventures. After Ross, I hope to move into Corporate Social Responsibility and help unleash corporate resources -- using both financial and human capital -- to more effectively support nonprofits.


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Before Ross, I worked in public relations at a small non-profit in Washington, D.C. I loved my job and felt like we were truly making an impact, but I wanted to do more, on a larger scale. I came to Ross because I believe for-profit businesses have a huge opportunity to provide a positive social impact, and I want to be a part of that. I'm excited to get hands-on experience in marketing and social impact through Board Fellows, the Community Consulting Club, and as a director in the Net Impact club.


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Professional Development


Before coming to Ross, I worked for six years as a radio/podcast host and producer. I had two main reporting beats: environmental issues and climate change; and the growing power and influence of Silicon Valley through the lens of big data. At Ross, my goal is to gain strong business fundamentals and to then leverage those skills to solve challenges for impact-related enterprises.


Professional Development


Pooja is joining the Ross MBA class of 2020 from Accenture Strategy, where she balanced her time between the Sustainability and Development practices. She is energized by designing solutions and developing partnerships that integrate social and environmental impact within private sector ventures.


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Lexie plans to focus her career on transforming the way society uses natural resources and facilitating the transition to a closed-loop circular economy. She became an Erb student, because she believes the best way to accomplish this aspiration is by leveraging the role of business to catalyze sustainability and social equity. Before graduate school, she worked at a business-focused environmental non-profit organization in Seattle, where she consulted with dozens of companies, on CSR strategy and implementation.


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Catherine is pursuing a dual MBA/MS degree at the University of Michigan. Prior to graduate school she worked in the non-profit and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) space, exploring the many ways it is possible to have impact across sectors. Her interest in better measurement of impact and intersection and synergy between business and sustainability led her to pursue a graduate degree. She hopes to return to CSR and the social impact field with tools to have greater impact than before.


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Prior to Ross, I worked in retail in a Global Sourcing role, working with cross-functional partners in the US and factories overseas for Target and Vera Bradley. I'm passionate about social impact within the retail sector - whether it's making an impact in the overseas communities where manufacturing happens from an environmental or social perspective or to making an impact at US headquarters in regards to sustainability efforts and business process changes to support environmentalism. At Ross, I hope to learn to be an influencer to drive more impactful changes in the future.