out for Business ANnual Events

Coming OUt WeeK

Coming Out Week (COW) is a series of events around National Coming Out Day in October. OFB plans a series of panels and workshops during that week to engage the wider Ross community on topics such as allyship, intersectional identity, and LGBTQ+ issues in the workplace.

Beginning in 2018, OFB obtained permission from the Bo Schembechler estate to use his famous quote "The Team, The Team, The Team" on our Coming Out Week shirts. Proceeds from the shirts go to a local charity each year.

For 2020, Coming Out Week will be virtual. Check out our official website for Coming Out Week to register for events, by watch kits, and more!

ROMBA Conference

Every fall, the ROMBA organization puts on a conference event for LGBTQ+ MBA students. The event is a great space to connect with peers from other schools, network with companies for both internships and full-time employment, and attend a slew of excellent programming and panels.

Ross enjoys being one of the largest contingents represented by OFB, and it's always fun to bond with our OFB community away from campus. For first year MBA students, ROMBA is an excellent chance to take a crack at networking and interviewing -- and if you play your cards right, you might even land an internship.

Last year the ROMBA event took place in Atlanta, and OFB was lucky to have 20+ Rossers in attendance. This year ROMBA is virtual and registration is currently open.


OFB hosts one of the school's most popular events, MBgAy.

MBgAy is a charity drag show that gives students a chance to let their hair down after a hectic recruiting season. Performances are put on by OFB members and allies alike, and teams compete to raise money for a good cause. Over 650+ students attended and performed last year!

Our 2020 event proceeds went to Ozone House, a local Ann Arbor shelter supporting LGBTQ youth.

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