Tech Club at Ross is comprised of over 400 students who are passionate about technology and looking to pursue careers in the tech industry. Recruiters have multiple opportunities to engage with students at Ross and source top talent for their businesses.

If you would like to learn more or recruit at Ross, please reach out to Amy Kienast (, Employer Relations at Career Development Office or Sanchi Arora ( or Mantas Butanavicius (, VPs of Corporate and Alum Relations at Tech Club

REcruiting opportunities


Host a more formal corporate presentation about your company and potential professional opportunities


Share about your company in a more informal setting to give students an opportunity to learn more

case competitions

Host a competition to give students a glimpse of what full-time employment entails


Sponsor one of over 50 events the club hosts each year or create a new event for students


Post either an internship or full-time opportunity for students to learn about open positions

tech newsletter

Share relevant information with all members of the club in one of our twice-a-week newsletters

Tech treks

Invite students to tour your campus for treks over the year, locally and across the country

tech day

Participate in the Ross-wide Tech Day conference as a keynote speaker, panelist, or mock interviewer

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