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kWh Analytics is a solar analytics firm that takes a "Big Data" approach to characterizing PV performance. With over $100bn solar assets now created annually, smart aggregation and analysis of data is required for investors to understand this new, fast-growing asset class. We were recently recognized in Forbes, the Corporate Eco Forum, and the US Department of Energy for our work
Project description: The high cost of solar financing remains one of the biggest costs remaining costs preventing widespread solar adoption. The solar industry is currently at a crossroads in choosing an access route to the capital market--will it be REITs, ABS, MLPs, or YieldCos? In order for these routes to be successfully utilized, the solar industry will need to adapt to the standard information reporting requirements for each. kWh Analytics has aggregated the largest independent solar asset database in the US, and is looking for a team of motivated, financially-savvy MBAs to present a detailed understanding of what information products will be required to satisfy market participants for each of those capital market channels.

Distributed Sun. LLC (D-Sun) is leading the industry's next generation business models for platform, software, standards, and finance within the commercial and industrial (C&I), municipal, university, school, and hospital (MUSH), military sites, and microgrid solar segments. 
Project description: FERC recently released several Rules that require the establishment of demand response, frequency, and regulation markets by each of the ISOs. Additionally, California’s PUC recently began requiring the implementation of third-party-owned energy storage facilities within the state. Distributed Sun seeks to better understand the business opportunity for implementing energy storage (possibly in combination with solar energy facilities) in order to participate in these markets. Given Distributed Sun’s expertise in renewable energy project development and finance, the energy storage sector seems to be a logical and feasible expansion of the company’s target markets. Energy storage and renewable energy also complement each other from technical, financial and regulatory perspectives.

GE powers the world with the cleanest, most advanced technologies and energy solutions. From FlexEfficiency Combined Cycle power, to smart grids that help utilities manage electricity demand, to gas engines that run on organic waste, our technology currently helps to deliver a quarter of the world’s electricity. GE Oil & Gas is currently operating in more than 120 countries working on the safest, most reliable and cost-efficient innovations in the field. 
Project descriptionThe need to forecast wind, and resulting output from wind farms, is of increasing importance as the penetration of wind energy increases. A number of existing players are expanding their business models while newer players, especially withstrong software capabilities, are entering the space. Large firms & small start-ups with clear focus are proposing innovative solutions that challenge existing player business models. At the same time, GE has access to significant data streams related to its operating fleet of wind turbines. Is there an attractive opportunity for GE given these dynamics? If so, is it best pursued through acquisition, partnership or development of solutions in-house?