Career Treks

Every year, ECR runs career treks during Fall and Winter breaks to various cities throughout the United States. Treks serve as an opportunity for ECR members to interact with companies at their office locations, to learn about their business firsthand, and to begin the networking process with an eye towards recruitment for internships or full-time employment.

Over the last two years, ECR have had the opportunity to meet with the following companies:

  • PG&E
  • Zoox
  • Greentech Capital Advisors
  • NextEra
  • Breakthrough Energy Ventures
  • First Solar
  • Powerhouse
  • Candela Renewables
  • Advanced Microgrid Solutions
  • STEM
  • Google Nest
  • Energy Impact Partners
  • National Grid Venture
  • Congruent Ventures
  • Chevron

ECR also coordinates visits to Denver, Boston, and more to visit and network with firms in the energy space.

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