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The AES Corporation (NYSE: AES) is a Fortune 200 global power company. We provide affordable, sustainable energy to 18 countries through our diverse portfolio of distribution businesses as well as thermal and renewable generation facilities. We are dedicated to improving the lives of our customers by leveraging our energy solutions that encompass a broad range of technologies and fuel types, including coal, diesel, gas, oil, pet coke and renewables. Our people share a passion to help meet the world’s current and increasing energy needs, while providing communities and countries the opportunity for economic growth due to the availability of reliable, affordable electric power. AES Energy Storage is the global leader in integrating battery-based energy storage technology, with 136 MW in operation around the world and 296 MW in construction or late stage development.

Project Description: Navigant Research projects that 11 GW of new battery-based energy storage will come online by 2022 and that more than 5 GW of that will be energy storage for generation applications – such as flexible capacity. AES Energy Storage is seeking to better understand the global market for flexible peaking capacity for energy storage. Students will identify the top 10 countries for this opportunity in the next five years, and create plans for entry into those markets.

As one of the nation’s largest electric utilities, SCE delivers power to over 14 million people in central, coastal, and southern California. It is the nation’s single largest purchaser of renewable power. SCE is also a leader in the deployment of energy storage and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. SCE is the main subsidiary of Edison International (EIX), a holding company with $11.5 billion in operating revenue, $1.3 billion in core earnings, and over 12,000 employees.

Project #1 Description: SCE has seen an increased interest in microgrids from some of its large commercial & industrial customers (e.g. Port of LA), but is seeking to better understand the potential demand for microgrids within its service territory (across different use cases), how that demand might grow, and how the company can develop related products & services to generate additional revenue from C&I customers.

Project #2 Description: The project team will identify and calculate the GHG reduction potential for the electrification of various economic sectors, and document associated costs.  The team will compare and analyze these opportunities in the context of all other major GHG abatement opportunities in the Southern California Edison service area.  Finally, the team will propose a framework for evaluating the electrification opportunities from the utility perspective, and develop a compelling rationale for societal benefits, which includes stated public policy goals. 

Project #3 Description: The utility industry is facing unprecedented and transformative changes in customer expectations, regulatory policies, and new technologies. SCE is exploring potential future utility business models (i.e. new functions, roles and responsibilities, as well as utility earning mechanisms, in the electric power industry) that provide an opportunity to lead industry transformation and build a modernized, 21st century power system that seamlessly integrates distributed energy resources (DERs) for the benefit of customers and third parties.  This project, in support of SCE’s long-term corporate strategy refresh, will to help SCE understand how the evolving utility business landscape may transform the types of relationships it has with its customers. 

The website will be updated with additional projects prior by 9/16/16.  Please contact Erich Bergmann (erichb@umich.edu) if you have any questions regarding the 2016 project lineup.