What are the impact projects?

DIR Impact Projects provide students at the Ross School of Business with the unique opportunity to work with a Detroit non-profit for a semester-long consulting project to solve real business challenges. Impact Project teams consist of 5-6 students who meaningfully contribute to the project by leaning on their past professional and personal experiences to deliver impact for their client.

Past partners have come from a variety of industries, ranging from education to entrepreneurship to neighborhood development. Each year, the projects culminate in a presentation to the clients, followed by a celebration open to others students and community members at the Impact Conference.

2020 impact project partners

Bridging Communities

Mission: Through collaborative efforts, creative programming, committed volunteers and the generosity of donors, we meet the needs of our elders and the needs of their immediate surroundings to ensure comfort, safety, and connectivity to the community.

Project: Develop a mixed-use site plan that incorporates elements of quality affordable senior housing, supportive wraparound neighborhood services, integrated open space planning, and green building techniques on a four-acre site in the Chadsey Condon neighborhood of southwest Detroit. Create a pro forma model and capital stack that interrogates financial feasibility, identifies gaps in funding, and proposes creative solutions to develop a multi-million dollar real estate project.


Detroit phoenix center

Mission: Detroit Phoenix Center (DPC) is a nonprofit organization that responds to the needs of high mobile & transient youth in Detroit.

Project: Develop a strategy to measure the success of the Detroit Phoenix Center programs post COVID 19 using quantitative and quantitative data.


Let's detroit

Mission: Let's Detroit was created by the Detroit Regional Chamber to retain and attract young talent. Using a website, texting communication, and social media engagement, the program aims to achieve three main objectives: improve the narrative around Detroit and Southeast Michigan, increase graduates in Southeast Michigan, and cultivate an innovative, engaged and culture-focused business community to drive economic prosperity.

Project: Develop a strategy to align our investors' talent needs with the content our ambassadors produce. We want to create more unique opportunities for the ambassador network, college students and young professional job seekers to interact and connect with our investor companies.


NW Goldberg Cares

Mission: Aims to improve upon the lives of residents in the predominantly African American community by incubating neighborhood businesses, building a strong community and ensuring a family-friendly neighborhood.

Project: Analyze NW Goldberg Cares program data and create visually appealing ways to share program data.


mend on the move

Mission: Mend on the Move is a 501(c)(3) non-profit social enterprise serving Metro Detroit that empowers and employs women survivors of abuse through jewelry making using auto parts and salvaged car seat leather.

Project: Develop a marketing campaign/strategy to help maximize online sales of hand-crafted products made by Mend on the Move survivor makers.



Mission: UDC is dedicated to improving the quality of life, and bringing about positive life-style changing experiences of low-to-moderate income families who live in Detroit.

Project: Create a marketing and brand strategy that helps to build awareness of UDC at a national level and inspires individuals, corporations and civic organizations to support the UDC mission.



Mission: One Detroit is Detroit Public TV's commitment to bringing the people of this region, not only the best in national programming, but the very best in local content as well. Whether it is public affairs, arts and culture or the environment, One Detroit provides the kind of in-depth, unbiased and trusted coverage that has made PBS and its member stations the most trusted national institutions 16 years running.

Project: Develop a strategy to increase active, habitual users by identifying key personas for DPTV's One Detroit viewers.


Impact Project Organization & Goals

Expectations for Teams

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