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  • The Education team consists of four Vice Presidents responsible for ensuring that all MBAs recruiting for marketing functions feel prepared with the skills, resources and tools they need to secure an internship or full-time job and succeed in that role. As marketing is a function (not an industry) we partner closely with other industry club education teams, as well as CDO and the Marketing Peer Coaches, to make sure that our resources and workshops are aligned and complementary. In a nutshell: MMC Educational events provide MBAs with additional opportunities, outside of marketing courses and FACT group, to hone their marketing recruiting skills and gain knowledge that will support them on the job.

  • During the fall semester the MMC Education team focuses on preparing MBA2s for re-recruitment and MBA1s for success at corporate presentations, networking hours, coffee chats, and at Marketing Symposium. Past events have included: Marketing 101, Meet the Interns, Odyssey Workshops, and Interview Prep Bootcamps. During the spring semester the MMC Education team continues to prepare MBA1s for their marketing interviews, as well as preparing MBA1s for their summer internships and MBA2s for their full-time roles. Past events have included: Mock Interviews, Interview Drop-in Hours, PowerPoint Skills Workshops, Storytelling with Data, and What to Expect During Your Internship.

Marketing Lab

  • Started in 2012, Marketing Lab is a student-led initiative designed to prepare Ross MBA students for real-world marketing careers. Marketing Lab helps students develop the necessary analytical skills to develop relevant insights and make strategic, data-driven decisions. Marketing Lab accomplishes this goal, with the support of Ross administration, by facilitating action-oriented analyses of in-market data. Specifically, Marketing Lab hosts two robust data tools in a dedicated physical space to support this learning: (1) Nielsen point-of-sale scanner data and (2) the Tracx social media listening analytics tool. Ross is currently the only business school to offer students unique access to both tools. 

  • Marketing Lab hosts a robust set of activities throughout the year, including:
    • Storytelling with Data: Creating Compelling Visuals to Convey Insights

    • Annual Marketing Lab Case Competition, featuring Nielsen & Tracx

    • Google Analytics Lunch & Learn

    • Day One Success: A Nielsen Learning Series - The 4-part, 8 hour workshop is designed to prepare students with the skills and analytical tools necessary for their internship or full-time job.


  • MMC Community manages the interpersonal and cultural aspects of Michigan Marketing Club. As one of the largest professional clubs on campus, promoting the vibrant, collaborative, professional Ross culture is an essential aspect of MMC's success. Community's responsibilities include creating and promoting networking events between all MMC members, and encouraging cross class collaboration to drive strong connections within the MMC community.


  • The Michigan Marketing Club Symposium committee plans and executes Ross' Annual Marketing Symposium. The Annual Marketing Symposium serves as a catalyst to address emerging industry topics that impact students and professionals alike. The event is a hallmark of the Ross Marketing Club experience, bringing together marketing professionals, students, and faculty to discuss the latest trends and innovations in marketing.  The entirely student-led event features prominent keynote speakers, educational panels, interactive breakout sessions, networking receptions, and a career fair. 

  • The 27th Annual Marketing Symposium was held on November 16-17, 2017 at the Ross School of Business with about 100 Ross students and representatives from 20 recruiting companies in attendance. The 2017 conference theme was Behind the Brand and the conversation focused on the many ways in which companies learn about their consumers, the opportunities they have to leverage those insights, and the responsibility they assume with using and protecting that information.

Corporate Relations

  • The Corporate Relations team is responsible for maintaining and expanding relationships between MMC and our corporate connections. We work with companies to organize networking events (coffee chats, happy hours) and lunch & learns. This includes logistics such as securing space, promoting the events, and coordinating student registration. We also work with the CDO to plan and promote marketing treks, during which MBA1s are able to visit several corporate offices. 

  • We also handle on- and off-campus marketing case competitions. This entails registering the Ross MBA team, facilitating the student application and selection process, and helping the teams to book their flights and hotels within budget. Competitions we currently attend include the Elite 8 Competition at Carlson School of Management and the annual marketing competition at Harvard School of Business. We also coordinate on-campus case competitions when applicable.