Michigan Ross marketing students learn to apply insights in big data/analytics, social media, Internet commerce, brand management, sensory marketing, and beyond. Our faculty conduct cutting-edge research and develop practical insights and tools they share in the classroom.

Anocha Aribarg - Professor of Marketing

Prof. Aribarg's research combines psychology and consumer behavior theories with Bayesian statistical modeling to tackle marketing challenges. She studies consumer decision-making processes, using methods like choice experiments, surveys, and eye tracking. Her work has been published in top journals, and she serves as an associate editor for Marketing Science and Journal of Marketing. Prof. Aribarg teaches Marketing Research and Analytics and holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin.

● Class: Elective - MKT 718 - Marketing Research and Analytics

Eric Schwartz - MMC Faculty Advisor

At just 32, Eric Schwartz has already published some prolific research, including what drives word-of-mouth support from customers, a topic Schwartz was researching prior to 2011. For the past six years, Schwartz has taught undergraduate and graduate students in marketing at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. His research looking into the water crisis in Flint, Michigan led to media coverage as well as U.S. District Court filings in lawsuits surrounding the contaminated water.

● Class: Core - MKT 503 - Marketing Management

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